Friday, April 27, 2012

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update 4/26

Basil Update 4/26 It is visiting day at Silverdale, and Tetona, Basil's wife, was not allowed to visit him. According to her, the judge has possibly placed a restriction on his visitation, as well as his phone calls, so he has had no outside communication. Still no update on his medical situation, but we can only assume no headway has been made.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update Wed. 4/25 As of this morning Basil has been transferred to Silverdale CCA facility. CCA facilities are privately run and notorious for not providing inmates with basic medical care. Silverdale is no exception, as of now they have no record of his heart medication being transferred from Hamilton county, he has not received it and his wife is trying to get him transferred to a medical facility in order to keep him under observation. They claim they have no knowledge of his heart condition at all. If you wish to write Basil Inmate Number 37189 cca silverdale detention center po box 23148 chat tn 37422

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WDEF Ch. 12 Article

It looks like Basil Marceaux will have to continue his latest campaign from behind bars. Judge Rebecca Stern slapped him with contempt of court and a ten day term in jail. Marceaux was appealing a traffic ticket.. When the got into an argument with the judge. The Chattanoogan reports that he told her... "I run for everything. And when I get elected, you're going down." Marceaux is a perennial candidate who has run for everything from President to Mayor. His antics even landed him on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Right now.. Marceaux is running for the state house in District 27.

Free Basil

Recently my friend Basil Marceaux has made the headlines again; he has always remained somewhat in the limelight - constantly pursuing his dream of holding public office in the state which he loves has kept him in the media spotlight ever since I helped him run for Governor of this great state back in 2010. This time it is for something far more sinister; he has been jailed, found in contempt of court for speaking his mind to a judge who’s duty is to serve the public. Basil has always been an opponent of the revenue generating system of ticketing citizens for minor traffic infractions, thus his oft misunderstood campaign vow to “Stop slavery at traffic stops” – Basil has truly lived out his words and is now enslaved by the system he has fought to change, all for speaking his mind in court.
He is now serving a 10-day sentence for contempt simply for speaking his mind; truly free speech is a thing of the past as far as the Tennessee courts are concerned. Basil was in no way threatening or disruptive, he was merely expressing his moral objections to the way in which the government levies unjust taxation upon it’s citizens through nickel and diming them for minor traffic infractions. A citizen had asked Basil to represent him as a third party in a civil case held in criminal court for a minor traffic infraction before Judge Rebecca Stern in Hamilton County Court. Mr. Marceaux was first recognized by the court, he then argued that the criminal court system was no place for such a minor traffic infraction, and Judge Stern dismissed him and then asked him to leave. As Mr. Marceaux was exiting the courtroom he made the statement that once he was elected “(Judge Stern) was going down” – Judge Stern then had Basil arrested for ten days for contempt. The judge found it necessary to silence him trough a harsh incarceration sentence instead of merely ejecting him, but this is not where this story ends.
According to his wife of 38 years, Basil has suffered a heart attack a week prior to this incarceration, and is in poor health. He may not be receiving his heart medication while he is incarcerated, and we implore all supporters of Mr. Marceaux to contact the courts in protest of this unfair incarceration. Basil should be released immediately for the betterment of his health and wellbeing, especially taking into consideration that he is not only an upstanding member of the community, but a former Recon Force Marine serving in the Viet Nam War. This is not how we treat our veterans in their times of poor health in America. We do not silence them in court, and lock them away when they object to our government’s oppressive policies.
Please write and email the courts and demand that Basil is released in good health. Jail is no place for a man who has recently had a heart attack, who has never been a danger to society, and who has spent the vast majority of his life trying to better his community and country. If we do not take a stand, then it could be any of us who are next thrown into the bowels of the jails for speaking our minds when we are speaking in a “fair trial” for the most trivial of offenses.

Contact Judge Rebecca Stern and demand Basil Marceaux’s release by calling

Or writing
Hamilton Co. Courts Building
600 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN

Thank You
James Crenshaw
Former Campaign Coordinator for Mr. Marceaux